I was able to list this beautiful Greystone Home in Zeeland and we ended up getting multiple, over- asking price offers and pended the home in under 12 hours from listing it! These clients were incredible people to work with an I am so grateful for this experience and opportunity! Thinking about ...

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Hello!! For any of you who are new here, I'm Aubree and I'm a local Realtor in West Michigan! I love helping people with all the different parts of real estate and am here to help in any way! Whether you're a first time home buyer or you're ready to buy your second or third home, I'm ready to sta...

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If you're ever in need of a local photographer... Mista Marie Photography does an amazing job! Click the "learn more" button to read about her work!!

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If you're looking for vintage treasures for your wedding or another big event coming up, check out My Vintage Affairs!!

Vintage couches, vintage chairs, vintage mirrors, vintage glasses, vintage bars on wheels, vintage plates, vintage tables, vintage doors… vintage everything. Can you guess whe...

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My latest Local Hidden Treasure!!!

Have you ever wondered what it looks like to have a career and a life you love at the same time?

•To make your own schedule?

•To come and go from work whenever you want?

•To be your own boss?

•To have your own space, with your own touch on it for you and ...

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Get Back To Simple With Snoots In Cahoots

You know when you walk past cute little baby clothes and you scrunch your nose, squint your eyes and imagine a plump little baby squirming and smiling in that precious little outfit? Well if you don't do that, you're about to. What if baby clothes could ...

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Stay tuned for stories about the hidden treasures of Holland, Michigan! I have a passion for telling stories, especially stories of inspiring people! There are so many opportunities for this in our area of Holland, Michigan and I'm so excited to go out and find them! It's like house hunting, but ...

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B U Y I N G T I P:
Thank you @merriamwebster but let’s go a little deeper. Preapproval is the first thing you should think about when you’re looking to buy a home. Ask a trusted realtor (insert hand raising emoji because I'm here to help and I can't insert an emoji on here) to recommend a lender...

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Do you want buying tips, selling tips, market news, new listings, fun client pics, dream homes, home trends, home decor pics and a little look into my life as a Realtor? Follow me on Instagram :)

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We're All World Changers

I know you don't have all the time in the world to read this, and I can respect that. Time is precious. So, I'll try to make this quick. :)  

In January, I graduated from Taylor University with a professional writing and public relations degree. And now, I'm a realtor! Are you trying to follow that logic? Well, so am I. I can't connect all the dots because one, I don't have them all and two, that would make things really boring.  

I started last summer working with my brother, Brendin, doing the marketing for The DeVisser Group at Five Star Lakeshore. I went back to good ole' Upland and finished my last semester of college and returned to find a lot of "so are you going to get your license?" I had just finished college and the idea of taking another standardized test was not appealing, I won't lie.  

However, I felt the Lord leading me in a daunting and challenging direction. While I have a great mentor, who is also my brother, I really didn't feel qualified.   Despite my many insecurities and my terrorizing fear of failure, I went through with it

I took the course, took the test, (talk to me about this one. This test was brutal, discouraging and almost made me say forget this) went through orientation and boom. Here I am. 

Passing the test was a relief, to say the least. However, doubt soon crept back into life and I wondered again, why real estate? Thank you, Brendin, for constantly reminding me to ask, what's my why?   With the help of the team, I have been able to learn so much about this business.

I've  also had the privilege to learn so much more about myself.   I've learned that my main goal is to be able to take one part of this crazy thing called life, and make it a little less crazy. To make the process and experience of real estate one less worry or stressor in your life

I know time is precious and many of us feel we don't have enough of it in the day. So I want to be here to take the hours you would spend on it yourself, and give those to you. Maybe that means more family time, more work time, more fun time, more time to relax, more meditation time, more time with loved ones, etc. 

If I can make one part of your life a little easier, that makes me feel like a world changer. Now, you might be saying, come on, Aubree, a world changer? That's a bit dramatic. I would disagree. 

To me, being a world changer doesn't mean impacting everyone in the world on my own. It means starting with you. A world changer. One thing I can take off your plate and give you peace and joy about means one thing you get to do to bring peace and joy to others as well.

It starts small. It starts here. If we tried to change the world on our own, we would fail. It's through the help of others and simply passing on something good that slowly, but surely, changes our hearts, our days, our moments and our lives.   

This is me saying I am dedicated and determined to guide you through this sometimes daunting and intimidating process.  

I would really love your support. I would also love to sit down and chat about any questions or concerns you have. Warning: it may very well turn into a little talk about life because after all, buying or selling a home is a big step in life and it's much more than a signature. 

I really do appreciate your time. I hope that at some point you can decide that working with me is worth that precious time of yours. I am so grateful for this experience and I cannot wait to earn your business!   Want to stay updated on all things real estate and my daily life (spoiler alert: it's not perfect so be prepared)? Connect with me any or all the major platforms.   

Do you feel you want to meet up and talk? Call me, send me a text, email, Facebook message, etc. I'm so excited to get to know you and to see what kind of world changer you are!!

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